Photo by Jan Sen - The winners gathered on stage for the official photo of the 2018 Best of the Erotic Market Award.

Coverage of the 2018 Best of the Erotic and Sensual Market Award

By Julianna Santos

The Best of Erotic Market Award had more than 45 thousand votes to choose the best companies, brands, products, launches and professionals of 2018 in 11 categories.

The ceremony revealed the Best of the Erotic Market and took place on the last Sunday (09), on Sexy Fair’s central stage, at the SulAmerica Convention Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

On its third edition, the best of the Erotic Market Award had a record voting and moved the segment through unprecedented engaging campaigns, attracting the Press attention as well as the final consumers.

Let’s see the winners of each category:

Photo by Jan Sen
Photo by Jan Sen
  • Best of the Internet: Mulheres Bem Resolvidas by Cátia Damasceno with 41,4 % of the votes.
  • Best Sex Toy for Women: Lelo with 37,9 % of the votes.
  • Best Sex Toy for Men: Nalone Ninja by Intt with 60,6% of the votes.
  • Best Sensual Cosmetic: Power Vodka Vibrator by Intt with 47,3% of the votes.
  • Best Lingerie Brand: Yaffa Lingerie with 36,3% of the votes.
  • Best Erotic Market Panelist: Júlia Telles with 39% of the votes.
  • Best Sensual Boutique: Quente Caliente with 37,3% of the votes.
  • Best Online Sex Shop: Sensual Sex Shop with 50,7% of the votes.
  • Best Factory of the Erotic Market: Pessini Cosméticos with 43,4% of the votes.
  • Year’s Launch: Beijo Grego by Intt with 48,3% of the votes.
  • Year’s Brand: Intt Cosméticos with 53,1% of the votes.

Even those who did not win have celebrated

Even those who did not gain the beautiful trophy, being just nominees, have celebrated their top 4 finalist position, since they earned a highlighted spot because the choosing phase was totally performed by the public.

Many nominees are known in a regional manner and, now, they are placed in the national scenery, being nominated for the Award”, said Paula Aguiar, idealizer and director of the Award.

Fierce disputes

Two categories were involved in a fierce dispute: Best Lingerie Brand and Best Sex Toy for Women.

Sedução Sexy Fashion was only 9 tenths behind Yaffa Lingerie, proving its importance in the competition. The first one is best known in Rio de Janeiro, while the latter is already nationally known.

Lelo beat Satisfyer by only 1 tenth! In this case, we cannot even say tradition defeated innovation. Both brands are market top sellers, adored by women!

Do you want to see the partial results from the other categories? If you voted, you’ll be able to visualize them using the voting link.

Emotional ceremony

The Best of the Erotic Market Award is an independent initiative by JPGF business and needs lots of help and support in order to happen, which makes everything much more interesting and affective.

The ceremony brought to everyone’s memory the sad goodbye of dearly beloved Mr. Catra, through honors made by Nego Catra and Aryonce.

The event organization invited the stunning Aritana Maroni to be our Master of Ceremony. Being the daughter of Oscar Maroni, a great personality of the segment, she has a little bit of the erotic market history in her blood.

Photo by Marcelo Moura
Photo by Marcelo Moura

Luciana Vilela, organizer and moderator of the Aphrodite’s Group, was invited by surprise to be stage assistant, to which she immediately said “yes”. She broadcast live the backstage of the event to her Facebook group of more than 20 thousand women.

The beautiful and coveted trophies, weighing more than a kilogram, were sponsored by Rilex Condoms and manufactured by Hard that withdrew its participation in the Award, deciding to contribute for the growing of the erotic market as a whole.

Because of this effort, Edimar Ramos, Hard’s director, received a Merit trophy and an honor Certificate for supporting the Award from Nizo Neto, Osmar Gil, Sexy Fair organizer, as well as from Rilex Condoms representative, through the hands of Erica Rambalde inspiring muse of the movie “De Pernas Para o Ar”.


Besides the winners, some personalities of the erotic market were honored due to their importance for the segment.

Stanlay Miranda, Buttman’s founder, received the homage from Nego Catra’s hands. The latter is one of the nominated for Best Porn Actor in the Sex Hot Award. In that moment, two ends of the Brazilian pornography history were reunited on the stage to reignite the flame of future erotic cinematographic productions in the country.

Photo by Marcelo Moura
Photo by Marcelo Moura

Henrique Lourenço (absent due to health issues) was represented by Elaine Pessini, his wife, and honored by Paula Aguiar, with whom he wrote the book “Sex Shop – Laws and Regulations”, contributing with his knowledge about Anvisa and intimate cosmetics, always favoring quality and laboratorial tests, his registered brand as the head of Pessini Cosméticos.

Photo by Marcelo Moura
Photo by Marcelo Moura

Diversity Shows

To brighten up the already called “Oscar of the Erotic Market”, Paula Aguiar counted on four shows at key points of the ceremony.

The Group Pela Vidda started the night with three Drag Queens presentations that excited the audience, preparing them for what was about to come. They managed to exceed last year’s closing show’s excitement.

Photo by Jan Sen
Photo by Jan Sen

To take a breath (or completely lose it), in the middle of the event, the Magic Dance Show Plus took place. It is a sensual dance show with boys whose performance is inspired and recreated mirroring Magic Mike’s famous movies, along with plus size dancers, empowered by dance, celebrating the beauty and sensuality outside established standards.

Photo by Marcelo Moura
Photo by Marcelo Moura

By surprise, Lorrayne Lovely, performer, Drag Queen, and Sexy Fair’s master of ceremonies, offered a beautiful tap presentation that enchanted everybody by her talent, so far known by just a few!

Photo by Marcelo Moura
Photo by Marcelo Moura

Finishing in great style, powerful DJ Aryonce filled up the place with a medley of Rio de Janeiro’s funk, making everybody rock on the dance floor.

Photo by Jan Sen
Photo by Jan Sen

All people mentioned here have donated their time, will power and gifts to this beautiful party that celebrates the growth and success of the erotic market. A really beautiful thing to be seen, isn’t it?

Photo by Jan Sen — Volunteer Team of the 2018 Best of the Erotic Market Award
Photo by Jan Sen — Volunteer Team of the 2018 Best of the Erotic Market Award

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